Manual Therapy refers to hands on treatment technique which includes mobilization and manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Manual therapy is a wide spectrum of different kinds of techniques that aim to decrease pain and increase mobility. These are skilled hand techniques that are lot more than just mobilization and manipulation. They are used for assessment as well as treatment purpose. Clients give positive response quiet easily and instantly with these techniques and prognosis is quicker when associated with proper postural advice and home program exercises.

Selection and application of manual technique depends on the evaluation and prognosis of the condition in order to reduce pain, swelling, muscle spasms and simultaneously improve range of motion and thereby helping the client to improve their day-to-day living. Manual Therapy techniques that are being practiced at Vcare by trained and certified therapists include Mulligan’s Technique, Maitland’s Technique, Positional Release Technique (PRT), Myofascial Release Technique (MFR), Muscle Energy Technique (MET).


Kinesiology taping is a soft stretchy cotton latex free hypoallergenic tape providing elasticity to the applied skin. It helps in giving dynamic support to the affected area, so as to help in its rehabilitation without restricting the range of motion or any body movement. It has a wave like pattern to mimic the exact physical properties of the skin i.e. the epidermis layer and is heat activated.

Tape has a property to stretch up to 120-140 % of its original length and can be unwrapped again to its original length. It is applied in such a way that it forms another similar layer like the epidermis so as to give equal support like the skin and help you to move freely. It is completely waterproof, so it does not get affected during showering or body cleaning.

When we apply this tape to the affected area, it is rubbed before applying so as to activate it. The glue sticks better when rubbed as heat is produced between the epidermis layer and the tape.There are different ways of application and they are differentiated according to the needs of the individual affected area and purpose to tape.

Basics of application:
- Thorough assessment is very much necessary before taping any area.
- Any damaged area like scars, rashes or open wounds cannot be taped.
- Make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned and there are no traces of any oil or lotion over the area to be taped.
- The affected area needs to be shaved/waxed of hair completely and cleaned off before applying the tape.
- Do not touch on the glue part of the tape.
- Do not forget to round the edges before removing the adhesive side paper.
- While using a tape roll do measure properly the length of the tape to be applied.

Kinesiology tape can be applied in the shape of a 'Y', 'I', 'X', 'Fan', 'Web' or 'Donut'. The shape selection depends on the size of the affected muscle and the result you are trying to achieve.

Purpose of Taping
The therapist is clear with the purpose of why he is taping a particular area. The purpose would vary from stabilising in a sense to prevent excess or abnormal movements, changing (to activate or deactivate) the biomechanical action, muscle strengthening, increasing blood flow, increasing lymphatic drainage, enhancing muscle action, increasing the proprioceptive sense of the joint for kinaesthetic feedback or enhancing recovery.

Techniques of application:
- Muscle Technique (Indications): Hypertonus/ Hypotonus, Pain relief, improved resilience.
- Ligament Technique (Indications): Tendon and Ligament injuries, stability, Pain relief, improved resilience.
- Lymph Technique (Indications): Improving lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema.
- Correction Technique (Indications): Correction and stability of joints.
- Fascia Technique (Indications): Tight and fixed muscle fascia, improved fascia mobility.

Method of tape application depends on the purpose of taping such as taping of any injured or overused muscle/ weak or chronically injured muscle changes the direction of application according to its needs.

Effects of Taping:
- Improving circulation
- Improving muscle function
- Pain relief
- Correcting joint problems (Joint support and function)

Below mentioned are additional application techniques as:
- Neural techniques
- Functional taping techniques
- Self-taping
- Crosslink taping
- Organ taping
- Combination Taping (All Above Tapings)

Taping physio therapy sports injuries Clinic

Dry Needling or Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is an effective and efficient technique for the muscular pain treatment & Myofascial dysfunction. It is a technique developed by Dr. Chan Gunn and is extremely effective for relaxing overactive muscles, which contain trigger points that aid in increasing the oxygenated blood supply. In simple terms, dry needling treatment involves needling of a muscle’s trigger points without injecting any substance.

Dry Needling Treatment
MATRIX Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed by Dr. U G Randoll is a creative and vitally important innovation in the
Physiotherapy treatment and prevention of a wide variety of medical conditions, especially those connected with
disturbances in micro circulation and including illness of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

The cells of a normal healthy individual oscillate rhythmically. Once this rhythmic pulsation is disturbed in any way, we get a slowing down of the healthy processes within the extra cellular matrix and congestion in the normal flow of fluids. Therefore the relevant parts of the body no longer receive sufficient nutrition and toxic waste products are not being eliminated fast enough. The first minor irritations resulting from this malfunction are hardly even noticed by the patient. However, soon there will be serious painful disturbances which can gradually affect the entire cell apparatus of muscle, bones, cartilage, vascular and nervous tissues.

The Matrix Rhythm Therapy produces mechanical pulsations which will gently and harmoniously induce the cells to accept again their own body analog oscillations; this is particularly effective for the skeletal musculature and the nervous system. Because of this, metabolic processes will be back to normal in a very short time setting the healing and regeneration in motion.

Orthopedic Conditions:
- Painful joint conditions
- Frozen shoulder
- Post operative stiffness
- Degenerative conditions like Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Plantar Fasciitis, Calcaneal Spur
- Ligament and Meniscal injuries
- Fibromyalgia and Tendinopathy
- Osteoporosis, Osteopenia
- Tension stress in the joint capsule
- Phantom pain
- Cervical Spondylosis, prolapsed disc
- Post once-surgeries like Mastectomy
- Acute pain and sprain due to sports injury

Neurological conditions:
- Stroke
- Craniocerebral trauma
- Parkinson
- Acute and chronic pain episodes like migraine and other neurological conditions
- Neuralgia
- Brain tumour operation
- Multiple sclerosis
- Motor neuron disease
- Incomplete spinal cord injury
- Facial palsy
- Foot drop
- Nerve cut injuries

Vascular Conditions:
- Non-healing ulcers and cellulites
- Varicose vein
- Non infective gangrene
- Wound healing
- Post plastic surgeries


Vcare provides a range of electro therapy. Our clinic is equipped with all the modalities and tools that are important to complete a physiotherapy treatment. With the usage of all the modalities and tools, following complications are solved:
- Relaxation of muscle spasm, alleviate pain of joints and muscles. Prevention and retardation of the atrophied muscles cause due to disuse.
- Improves blood circulation and relieves pain in all kinds of inflammatory conditions.
- Helps in wound healing by enhancing microcirculation.
- It also useful to treat any kind of acute or chronic edema by improving the lymphatic flow.

Pelvic floor muscle strengthening is done with the help of muscle stimulator in order to treat urinary and fecal incontinence. Ultra sound therapy is used to breakdown the adhesions caused due to the scar tissues. It is used to reduce the tenderness of affected areas.

Combination therapy is used to reduce any kind of domes or spasm. It is a combination of interferential therapy current and ultra sound. It is used to relax the affected muscle along with the tenderness.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation induces muscle contraction through electrical impulses that are transferred to the muscle through electrodes placed over the skin near the targeted muscle. It helps in muscle strengthening and rehabilitation. It even helps to regain the muscle power of the facial muscles in cases of Facial/ Bell’s palsy.

Electro Therapy Electrotherapy Treatment